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United States
This page is a WIP.
Here is where I upload material for a personal project of mine called Shattered America.
Just a few random tunes I like to put on when I'm drawing or writing on my project.  


Baja Beach Landing
    High ranking officers of the Mexican Expeditionary Guard oversee a secured beach head in Baja California, (The lower half of the California Republic's territory in Shattered America), as land forces rally to begin the push deeper inland. In the years 1910-1918, 60 years after the cataclysmic event known as "The Split,"where the fledgling United States had fallen apart into three separate countries (Union, Confederates, and California), the newfound California Republic took advantage of the revolutionary chaos occurring in Mexico at the time to expand it's borders, taking the opportunity to annex the land mass of Baja California. After the revolutionary forces in Mexico were crushed by the Diaz Regime, there had been a number of attempts to retake the land from California over the years that failed each time. 
    Now 100 years later, shortly after the outbreak of the Second American Civil War, fighting initially began with the Americans and Confederates to the east of North America. The California Republic to the west condemned the Confederacy, and made preparations to intervene on the Union's behalf. However as the Union was distracted with the Confederacy, Mexico enters it's hand in the Second American Civil War by launching a sudden mass invasion of Baja California across the Sea of Cortez, opening a new front of the war to the south-west. This blocked California's attempt to aid the Union from the west, as part of Mexico's deal in The Trans-Atlantic Alliance's war plans. Mexico used the war as an opportunity to settle a personal beef that lasted over 100 years with the California Republic, and Baja California is overwhelmed and reconquered by Mexico in less than a year. 

Asking for Directions
A young CR partisan volunteer transporting a truckload of medical supplies gets a little lost on their route and asks for directions.

(I might take this down and reupload, I've been fiddling with the resolution with what I've been drawing since I've been having resolution issues on this site.)
(Really sorry for double post, I felt the title didn't get to the point.) 

I'd like a little help if someone has the time. I've been putting up with this problem for a while now, whenever I upload a picture onto DA, it always seems quality is slightly reduced, and things become more fuzzier than they should be, I also can't zoom in the drawing either when I click on it.

I upload my drawings in 1080x1920 PNG, would that be my problem?
The Underground
In the time span leading up to the war, the California Republic dug into the ground and made a network of tunnel systems, through the underground and through the mountains. They were intended for quicker transporting of soldiers and supplies through certain hilly/mountainous areas, however they were abandoned for a time due to their lack of use, and many of them were lost due to heavy earth quaking in the region. Despite their corroding state, they were brought back into service for the war effort. What ones were left were used for their original purposes, along with coordinating along with infiltration and ambushes, and the invading forces made it an effort to find and blow up these tunnels. 
Radio Outpost Dominguez
A radio outpost commandeered by CR militiamen in a blown out house watch over a convoy transporting civilians and wounded out of a warzone. 

Sorry for the slowdown in drawings, I've been writing more than drawing as of recently.


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Thanks! I'm happy to hear I help inspire others.
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